Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Current Fashion Love

I am loving color, now more than ever. Its a breath of fresh air from the chic all white and black outfits. Especially jewel tone colors, theres something so beautiful about these rich colors and I am hoping to see more of them in the fall. What I like even more is the combination of color, I for one don't think that there should be a rule when playing with color, I don't think you need your nails to match your handbag or shoes. This outfit, has a matching belt and bag, but its needed to balance the pattern on the dress. I think my rule when playing with print is that you need a solid color to break up the pattern. In this case its the belt. The dress is the focus and therefore the rest of the accessories cannot overpower it.
While I do love color, I think that you can never make a mistake with pastels, white, cream or beige; they are staples.

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