Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Corina Vladescu

As you have probably guessed, I adore the collection :D

In her collection there is that mixture of romance and edge that I absolutely love. The materials are light an airy and give off such a luxurious feel. The color palette is of course, pink and black which are the best colors to represent this mixture of styles. The shoes are amazing and I love the architectural details in some of the garments.

Still feminin Gallery

This is one of my favorite fashion/beauty sites, no doubt about it. I especially loved their article about pants, which are HUGE this fall. here are just a few that have caught my eye.

No matter the color, style, cut or weather they are perfect.

Beautiful and Fresh

I cannot even count how many stories I have heard regarding sleeping in your makeup. I know that we all get tired, but taking off your makeup is more important than putting it on. Make sure that you give yourself time to properly clean your face, it doesn't matter if you do not wear a full face of foundation. Makeup needs to be removed in the evening. You want to clean off the makeup (remember-no soap, it dries the face), baby lotion works great, be careful not to get it in your eye. After that you can use a gentle exfoliant, make sure its gentle for everyday use. There are some exfoliators that can be to harsh and should only be used once a week. The final step is to moisturize (no matter what your skin type). Think of yourself as an artist, you want your makeup to accentuate your features, therefore as an artist you need a clean canvas to express your ideas and create beautiful works of art.


Fall trends are one of the best! They are the closest to my style, just looking at them I feel 10x more inspired. I love the layering, the jewelry, the bags...oh I simply adore it all! Scarfs are still in trend for fall, which is great because I have a bunch of them. I usually use them as a pop of color. I think I have mentioned this before but I am absolutely in love with jackets. I use them all the time, they look so chic when paired with a gorgeous silk scarf. It creates the contrast of rock and romantic which again, I love so much. However, I will add that I try to stay away from scarfs that have patterns; I prefer solid colors.
How amazing is the look above? The over the knee boots give it that extra edge.

This look by Gucci is jaw-dropping, I can stare at it for hours. Its a wonderful play on textures.

Boots of course, the fall staple, are everywhere. I must say, I normally would not go for such a trend. In the past I passed on it because I felt that they were not at the level that I wanted them to be. This year, they have made quite a statement, the more current styles are easily paired with jeans as well as with skirts.

Saved the best for last, I LV. This picture embodies the fall trends that I am absolutely in love with, having them all in one picture makes it even better :D.
I am curious to see what will be popular in the winter. So far I have not noticed anything that has captured my interest. However for spring, I am definitely looking forward to some neon yellow!!!!!