Thursday, January 21, 2010


I absolutely adore this picture, its an ad from a jewelry company Meli Melo (spring). Its very...well pink, and over the top sweet. I love the rose petals and the jewelry they chose works great with the theme. Something about this picture makes me smile, maybe because it has that parissiene feel that I have always adored.

It's Only Natural

This year when it comes to beauty, the focus will be natural. This is not necessarily a fashion prediction, but more of a goal. I usually embrace the fake tan, fake nails, etc. but this year the goal is to take better care of my skin and hair.
Coloring and heat damage the hair, so my theory behind it is, cut all of the damage and start taking care of it properly. I have heard about numerous treatments that can be applied to the hair. Two examples are the olive oil and honey mask which are said to be great at adding shine and moisturizing. Honey is also a great skin care mask. With that said, I will do my best to apply heat protectant every time and try to work with my natural texture.

This is one goal that I have tried numerous times to accomplish, that is natural makeup. No matter how many times I try, I don't like it :D. I prefer the makeup look, so it looks like makeup. I have tried the neutral shades, the peaches, soft pinks and chocolate, yet I always go back to my dramatic eyes. I usually focus the attention on the eyes. I will occasionally be inspired by a bold pink lip, but the eyes will always be the main focus. This means that my natural makeup will look like I am wearing makeup which to me is only natural. :D