Monday, January 16, 2012

The NEW Look

This year, I'm going to give the natural look another try. The most important thing is the apearance and true health of the skin. Tanning may look great but its a VERY BAD habbit for your skin. Which will you have, looking great for a few months or looking amazing years to come; I choose the latter. I'll admit, I love a tan, but I'd rather it be fake than burn my skin. The way I look at it, is you can wash away a bad fake tan, but no matter how much u scrub, those wrinkles are not going to wash off. So, with that said, for the past few months I have stopped the fake tan, yes I do make walls jealous, my white skin is serious competition.

Makeup, how I do love theeI love a daytime smokey eye, actually I love any smokey eye. However, this year I will try to tone it down, I dont promise, though I will try. I've left my foundation behind, I secretely use it once in a while, and have lowered the amount of eyeshadow i use. No, I will not give up the eyeliner or mascara, or the lipstick...those are here to stay...forever :D

Hair.....I've been chemically "altering" the color of my hair for years; to the point where I couldn't remember what my natural color was. I have very, I mean very, dry hair and in an effort to try to tame it i have stopped dying it. There are days, when I miss that hair dye, but I'll admit I do not miss the maintenance, the ruined pillowcases or towels. So as for now, natural still rules.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

I'm Backkkkk

After taking a bit of a break, I'm back. So what's in store for this year? Fake tan, nails,...the usual. New inspirations, trends, get the idea.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Fave Model

Hands down my favorite model ever............Andrea Raicu

(pictures from her website/ google)

YSL Rouge Volupte

I have somewhat of a love for lipsticks, a small collection, but I love all of them. I guess that's because I am a strong believer that when it comes to makeup (at least for me) quality reigns over quantity. I hate having all that makeup and never touching it, I feel like its such a waste. Now don't get me wrong I admire those that collect makeup, and I completely respect their collections. Me on the other hand, I like it but it's not something I collect. And if I am not a collector then it's pointless for me to have a ton of makeup. Makeup for me is a phase, but that's love. I have a few and for the exception of one, they are all pinks; the other is a peach. I love bold pink lips, to me they look very edgy and fresh (paired with a neutral eye). However, I am going off topic. I am sure you have probably heard by now about these lipsticks and let me tell's all true. From the beautiful packaging to the amazing colors. I have two, the famous Lingerie Pink and Frivolous Pink. They are absolutely gorgeous colors and I adore wearing them, I like the fact that they are matte, no shimmer, yet they do not drain the moisture from my lips. I absolutely adore them.
Since I was such a fan of the Voluptes I thought I should give the Pure Shines a try. I have the color Pink Diamond, and its well....umm sheer. It's a beautiful color but it goes on sheer with a tint, its great for layering but I feel that it would have been the perfect lipstick if it was more pigmented. I should have picked the other one I know,...but I fell for the color :D. The packaging is a favorite, you push the top and pop comes the lipstick. Another plus is that they are light weight. Overall, love them all.

(pictures from

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Lip Balm Story

As a lipstick lover, lip balm is indispensable. If I want my lipstick to be vibrant and flake free, then my lips NEED to be moisturized. I used to be a gloss girl, that is until I discovered the pigmentation of lipsticks, it was at first swipe. However, that's a different story :D... I am picky when it comes to my lip balm, I want it to be natural, with a pleasant fragrance, easy to use (in a tube, pots aren't very sanitary) and not feel sticky. That's quite a list, but I am hoping that there is a lip balm out there that meets my "requirements".

I have tried quite a few, too many to remember, however one has impressed me even though it comes in a pot. I am talking about Korres Lip Butter, I had two of these little pots in the flavor Guava (clear). I know, I know, I just said I want it in a tube form, .....if only they made this in a tube form! It's amazing, its made to be a natural product, and it seriously melts into your lips like butter. They are amazingly soft and feel moisturized without feeling too gooey ( my scientific term) :D. There are a few flavors and they give a nice subtle hint of color, which is an added bonus. I went for the Guava because of the scent, its amazing. I would put it on just because of the lips owe that scent a lot.

This one is soooooo close to being the best lip balm ever, looks like the lip balm story will continue.

When it comes to hair...

Do you splurge? Its not always convenient to head to the salon to buy a new bottle of shampoo, or conditioner. It may not be worth it at all when we have drugstores that have numerous shelves overflowing with such products at nearly a fraction of the price. But when saving money do you actually damage your hair? I have been coloring my hair for ages, I can't even describe how much damage my hair has sustained. Unfortunately it's a habit that I cannot break, I love my dark hair :D, and why should anyone be forced to sacrifice color for the sake of hair health? I have seen commercials that advertise that their range has shampoo formulated for curly, straight, fine and colored hair. Umm, HELOO! what if I have curly & (here's a shock) colored hair?...needless to say my curiosity led me on an experiment.

I have tried numerous drugstore brands and the results for me have always been the same, my hair ends up dry and feels like its wire, not hair. The cleaning ingredients in those shampoos are too harsh for my hair. They clean my hair too well, stripping it of its oils, which means I have to pile on the products.
(pictures from JOY)
But its summer......I don't want to spend all that time on my hair just to put it in a ponytail because its too hot. And if i let it air dry with no products.....let's not even go there. So I gave salon products a try. And yes, I noticed a difference. My hair is sooooooo much softer, I have noticed less frizz and I have been able to skip the hair products.

Of course, this is not to say that drugstore hair products are horrible, if fact there are some products that do a wonderful job, like hairsprays. All I am saying is that for my hair, those shampoos and conditioners did not work.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


I absolutely adore this picture, its an ad from a jewelry company Meli Melo (spring). Its very...well pink, and over the top sweet. I love the rose petals and the jewelry they chose works great with the theme. Something about this picture makes me smile, maybe because it has that parissiene feel that I have always adored.

It's Only Natural

This year when it comes to beauty, the focus will be natural. This is not necessarily a fashion prediction, but more of a goal. I usually embrace the fake tan, fake nails, etc. but this year the goal is to take better care of my skin and hair.
Coloring and heat damage the hair, so my theory behind it is, cut all of the damage and start taking care of it properly. I have heard about numerous treatments that can be applied to the hair. Two examples are the olive oil and honey mask which are said to be great at adding shine and moisturizing. Honey is also a great skin care mask. With that said, I will do my best to apply heat protectant every time and try to work with my natural texture.

This is one goal that I have tried numerous times to accomplish, that is natural makeup. No matter how many times I try, I don't like it :D. I prefer the makeup look, so it looks like makeup. I have tried the neutral shades, the peaches, soft pinks and chocolate, yet I always go back to my dramatic eyes. I usually focus the attention on the eyes. I will occasionally be inspired by a bold pink lip, but the eyes will always be the main focus. This means that my natural makeup will look like I am wearing makeup which to me is only natural. :D

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Corina Vladescu

As you have probably guessed, I adore the collection :D

In her collection there is that mixture of romance and edge that I absolutely love. The materials are light an airy and give off such a luxurious feel. The color palette is of course, pink and black which are the best colors to represent this mixture of styles. The shoes are amazing and I love the architectural details in some of the garments.

Still feminin Gallery

This is one of my favorite fashion/beauty sites, no doubt about it. I especially loved their article about pants, which are HUGE this fall. here are just a few that have caught my eye.

No matter the color, style, cut or weather they are perfect.

Beautiful and Fresh

I cannot even count how many stories I have heard regarding sleeping in your makeup. I know that we all get tired, but taking off your makeup is more important than putting it on. Make sure that you give yourself time to properly clean your face, it doesn't matter if you do not wear a full face of foundation. Makeup needs to be removed in the evening. You want to clean off the makeup (remember-no soap, it dries the face), baby lotion works great, be careful not to get it in your eye. After that you can use a gentle exfoliant, make sure its gentle for everyday use. There are some exfoliators that can be to harsh and should only be used once a week. The final step is to moisturize (no matter what your skin type). Think of yourself as an artist, you want your makeup to accentuate your features, therefore as an artist you need a clean canvas to express your ideas and create beautiful works of art.


Fall trends are one of the best! They are the closest to my style, just looking at them I feel 10x more inspired. I love the layering, the jewelry, the bags...oh I simply adore it all! Scarfs are still in trend for fall, which is great because I have a bunch of them. I usually use them as a pop of color. I think I have mentioned this before but I am absolutely in love with jackets. I use them all the time, they look so chic when paired with a gorgeous silk scarf. It creates the contrast of rock and romantic which again, I love so much. However, I will add that I try to stay away from scarfs that have patterns; I prefer solid colors.
How amazing is the look above? The over the knee boots give it that extra edge.

This look by Gucci is jaw-dropping, I can stare at it for hours. Its a wonderful play on textures.

Boots of course, the fall staple, are everywhere. I must say, I normally would not go for such a trend. In the past I passed on it because I felt that they were not at the level that I wanted them to be. This year, they have made quite a statement, the more current styles are easily paired with jeans as well as with skirts.

Saved the best for last, I LV. This picture embodies the fall trends that I am absolutely in love with, having them all in one picture makes it even better :D.
I am curious to see what will be popular in the winter. So far I have not noticed anything that has captured my interest. However for spring, I am definitely looking forward to some neon yellow!!!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Stradivarius - Amazing

I absolutelly adore this collection. I find it so inspiring, I would wear each and every single one of these pieces. I mentioned my fall esentials a while back, the picture above shows some possibilities when it comes to combining patterns and solid colors to create a very modern look.
Accessory overload, but i still love it. If theres one thing that a black dress allows you to do its add drama. Its the perfect canvas to make colors pop and such a garment can be dressed up or down.

How gorgeous is this picture, I love the fact that they used fabric as background. The outfit on the right is my favorite of the three. However, I do love the one on the left with the copper leggings and beautiful white top. I like the fact that the belt balances the leggings but the shoes are kept neutral.

This is what my staple look is, I loooooove jackets, especially fitted ones.....let the collection begin :D

I dont think I have to say that this is another picture that I love, I seriously, without any hesitation would wear all three.

So I am super excited about this collection, its given me so many new ideas. I am really starting to get excited about fall shopping....
all pictures from dadamoda