Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Lip Balm Story

As a lipstick lover, lip balm is indispensable. If I want my lipstick to be vibrant and flake free, then my lips NEED to be moisturized. I used to be a gloss girl, that is until I discovered the pigmentation of lipsticks, it was at first swipe. However, that's a different story :D... I am picky when it comes to my lip balm, I want it to be natural, with a pleasant fragrance, easy to use (in a tube, pots aren't very sanitary) and not feel sticky. That's quite a list, but I am hoping that there is a lip balm out there that meets my "requirements".

I have tried quite a few, too many to remember, however one has impressed me even though it comes in a pot. I am talking about Korres Lip Butter, I had two of these little pots in the flavor Guava (clear). I know, I know, I just said I want it in a tube form, .....if only they made this in a tube form! It's amazing, its made to be a natural product, and it seriously melts into your lips like butter. They are amazingly soft and feel moisturized without feeling too gooey ( my scientific term) :D. There are a few flavors and they give a nice subtle hint of color, which is an added bonus. I went for the Guava because of the scent, its amazing. I would put it on just because of the lips owe that scent a lot.

This one is soooooo close to being the best lip balm ever, looks like the lip balm story will continue.

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