Wednesday, August 4, 2010

YSL Rouge Volupte

I have somewhat of a love for lipsticks, a small collection, but I love all of them. I guess that's because I am a strong believer that when it comes to makeup (at least for me) quality reigns over quantity. I hate having all that makeup and never touching it, I feel like its such a waste. Now don't get me wrong I admire those that collect makeup, and I completely respect their collections. Me on the other hand, I like it but it's not something I collect. And if I am not a collector then it's pointless for me to have a ton of makeup. Makeup for me is a phase, but that's love. I have a few and for the exception of one, they are all pinks; the other is a peach. I love bold pink lips, to me they look very edgy and fresh (paired with a neutral eye). However, I am going off topic. I am sure you have probably heard by now about these lipsticks and let me tell's all true. From the beautiful packaging to the amazing colors. I have two, the famous Lingerie Pink and Frivolous Pink. They are absolutely gorgeous colors and I adore wearing them, I like the fact that they are matte, no shimmer, yet they do not drain the moisture from my lips. I absolutely adore them.
Since I was such a fan of the Voluptes I thought I should give the Pure Shines a try. I have the color Pink Diamond, and its well....umm sheer. It's a beautiful color but it goes on sheer with a tint, its great for layering but I feel that it would have been the perfect lipstick if it was more pigmented. I should have picked the other one I know,...but I fell for the color :D. The packaging is a favorite, you push the top and pop comes the lipstick. Another plus is that they are light weight. Overall, love them all.

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