Thursday, September 10, 2009

Stradivarius - Amazing

I absolutelly adore this collection. I find it so inspiring, I would wear each and every single one of these pieces. I mentioned my fall esentials a while back, the picture above shows some possibilities when it comes to combining patterns and solid colors to create a very modern look.
Accessory overload, but i still love it. If theres one thing that a black dress allows you to do its add drama. Its the perfect canvas to make colors pop and such a garment can be dressed up or down.

How gorgeous is this picture, I love the fact that they used fabric as background. The outfit on the right is my favorite of the three. However, I do love the one on the left with the copper leggings and beautiful white top. I like the fact that the belt balances the leggings but the shoes are kept neutral.

This is what my staple look is, I loooooove jackets, especially fitted ones.....let the collection begin :D

I dont think I have to say that this is another picture that I love, I seriously, without any hesitation would wear all three.

So I am super excited about this collection, its given me so many new ideas. I am really starting to get excited about fall shopping....
all pictures from dadamoda

Saturday, September 5, 2009

My fall essentials

The garments are by La Redoute and Liliana Turoiu Udrea.I have heard that this fall the trend will be 80s. I think that its a fun trend however, some garments such as the bright blue leggings might not be on my essential list. I don't always like to follow the "set" trends I much more prefer to follow whatever it is that I am liking at the time. Simple t-shirts are at the top of my list which i just want to drape with numerous pieces of jewelry or a bright scarf. Black leggings are still on my list because besides the fact that they are so versatile they can be quite comfortable. I still love my gladiators, and probably always will, especially metallic ones (copper)...perfect for fall.
I am loving the polished look, very feminine. I realize that i tend to say that I adore a lot of things :D, the truth is my taste in clothing really does depend on my mood....which explains why I love so many designers.

The above look is the ultimate fall look for me. Beautiful scarfs, that have exploded this year, they are everywhere. A very classic jacket, such as navy, white, beige or black, with minor increase versatility. To complete the look, very comfortable and flat boots.


I have stated before that I love jewelry, especially bold pieces. Lately I've noticed that I am liking bracelets and rings more than my usual necklaces. But as you probably guessed i like bold rings as well as unique bracelets. :D A few days ago I was abe to catch up on The Rachel Zoe Project, i missed the premiere. I wasnt very interrested in the show last season, but this season I feel that its more of a must see. Maybe its because, im starting to realize how much garments mean to me and how much i truly adorre them, whatever it is... I spent two hours watching the show. I must say that I liked it, but she makes me want to shop. What I adore about her is her taste in jewelry, which has kind of inspired me to restart a jewelry collection.
These are just some pieces that have caught my eye.