Thursday, September 10, 2009

Stradivarius - Amazing

I absolutelly adore this collection. I find it so inspiring, I would wear each and every single one of these pieces. I mentioned my fall esentials a while back, the picture above shows some possibilities when it comes to combining patterns and solid colors to create a very modern look.
Accessory overload, but i still love it. If theres one thing that a black dress allows you to do its add drama. Its the perfect canvas to make colors pop and such a garment can be dressed up or down.

How gorgeous is this picture, I love the fact that they used fabric as background. The outfit on the right is my favorite of the three. However, I do love the one on the left with the copper leggings and beautiful white top. I like the fact that the belt balances the leggings but the shoes are kept neutral.

This is what my staple look is, I loooooove jackets, especially fitted ones.....let the collection begin :D

I dont think I have to say that this is another picture that I love, I seriously, without any hesitation would wear all three.

So I am super excited about this collection, its given me so many new ideas. I am really starting to get excited about fall shopping....
all pictures from dadamoda

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