Saturday, September 5, 2009

My fall essentials

The garments are by La Redoute and Liliana Turoiu Udrea.I have heard that this fall the trend will be 80s. I think that its a fun trend however, some garments such as the bright blue leggings might not be on my essential list. I don't always like to follow the "set" trends I much more prefer to follow whatever it is that I am liking at the time. Simple t-shirts are at the top of my list which i just want to drape with numerous pieces of jewelry or a bright scarf. Black leggings are still on my list because besides the fact that they are so versatile they can be quite comfortable. I still love my gladiators, and probably always will, especially metallic ones (copper)...perfect for fall.
I am loving the polished look, very feminine. I realize that i tend to say that I adore a lot of things :D, the truth is my taste in clothing really does depend on my mood....which explains why I love so many designers.

The above look is the ultimate fall look for me. Beautiful scarfs, that have exploded this year, they are everywhere. A very classic jacket, such as navy, white, beige or black, with minor increase versatility. To complete the look, very comfortable and flat boots.

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