Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Corina Vladescu

As you have probably guessed, I adore the collection :D

In her collection there is that mixture of romance and edge that I absolutely love. The materials are light an airy and give off such a luxurious feel. The color palette is of course, pink and black which are the best colors to represent this mixture of styles. The shoes are amazing and I love the architectural details in some of the garments.

Still feminin Gallery

This is one of my favorite fashion/beauty sites, no doubt about it. I especially loved their article about pants, which are HUGE this fall. here are just a few that have caught my eye.

No matter the color, style, cut or weather they are perfect.

Beautiful and Fresh

I cannot even count how many stories I have heard regarding sleeping in your makeup. I know that we all get tired, but taking off your makeup is more important than putting it on. Make sure that you give yourself time to properly clean your face, it doesn't matter if you do not wear a full face of foundation. Makeup needs to be removed in the evening. You want to clean off the makeup (remember-no soap, it dries the face), baby lotion works great, be careful not to get it in your eye. After that you can use a gentle exfoliant, make sure its gentle for everyday use. There are some exfoliators that can be to harsh and should only be used once a week. The final step is to moisturize (no matter what your skin type). Think of yourself as an artist, you want your makeup to accentuate your features, therefore as an artist you need a clean canvas to express your ideas and create beautiful works of art.


Fall trends are one of the best! They are the closest to my style, just looking at them I feel 10x more inspired. I love the layering, the jewelry, the bags...oh I simply adore it all! Scarfs are still in trend for fall, which is great because I have a bunch of them. I usually use them as a pop of color. I think I have mentioned this before but I am absolutely in love with jackets. I use them all the time, they look so chic when paired with a gorgeous silk scarf. It creates the contrast of rock and romantic which again, I love so much. However, I will add that I try to stay away from scarfs that have patterns; I prefer solid colors.
How amazing is the look above? The over the knee boots give it that extra edge.

This look by Gucci is jaw-dropping, I can stare at it for hours. Its a wonderful play on textures.

Boots of course, the fall staple, are everywhere. I must say, I normally would not go for such a trend. In the past I passed on it because I felt that they were not at the level that I wanted them to be. This year, they have made quite a statement, the more current styles are easily paired with jeans as well as with skirts.

Saved the best for last, I LV. This picture embodies the fall trends that I am absolutely in love with, having them all in one picture makes it even better :D.
I am curious to see what will be popular in the winter. So far I have not noticed anything that has captured my interest. However for spring, I am definitely looking forward to some neon yellow!!!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Stradivarius - Amazing

I absolutelly adore this collection. I find it so inspiring, I would wear each and every single one of these pieces. I mentioned my fall esentials a while back, the picture above shows some possibilities when it comes to combining patterns and solid colors to create a very modern look.
Accessory overload, but i still love it. If theres one thing that a black dress allows you to do its add drama. Its the perfect canvas to make colors pop and such a garment can be dressed up or down.

How gorgeous is this picture, I love the fact that they used fabric as background. The outfit on the right is my favorite of the three. However, I do love the one on the left with the copper leggings and beautiful white top. I like the fact that the belt balances the leggings but the shoes are kept neutral.

This is what my staple look is, I loooooove jackets, especially fitted ones.....let the collection begin :D

I dont think I have to say that this is another picture that I love, I seriously, without any hesitation would wear all three.

So I am super excited about this collection, its given me so many new ideas. I am really starting to get excited about fall shopping....
all pictures from dadamoda

Saturday, September 5, 2009

My fall essentials

The garments are by La Redoute and Liliana Turoiu Udrea.I have heard that this fall the trend will be 80s. I think that its a fun trend however, some garments such as the bright blue leggings might not be on my essential list. I don't always like to follow the "set" trends I much more prefer to follow whatever it is that I am liking at the time. Simple t-shirts are at the top of my list which i just want to drape with numerous pieces of jewelry or a bright scarf. Black leggings are still on my list because besides the fact that they are so versatile they can be quite comfortable. I still love my gladiators, and probably always will, especially metallic ones (copper)...perfect for fall.
I am loving the polished look, very feminine. I realize that i tend to say that I adore a lot of things :D, the truth is my taste in clothing really does depend on my mood....which explains why I love so many designers.

The above look is the ultimate fall look for me. Beautiful scarfs, that have exploded this year, they are everywhere. A very classic jacket, such as navy, white, beige or black, with minor increase versatility. To complete the look, very comfortable and flat boots.


I have stated before that I love jewelry, especially bold pieces. Lately I've noticed that I am liking bracelets and rings more than my usual necklaces. But as you probably guessed i like bold rings as well as unique bracelets. :D A few days ago I was abe to catch up on The Rachel Zoe Project, i missed the premiere. I wasnt very interrested in the show last season, but this season I feel that its more of a must see. Maybe its because, im starting to realize how much garments mean to me and how much i truly adorre them, whatever it is... I spent two hours watching the show. I must say that I liked it, but she makes me want to shop. What I adore about her is her taste in jewelry, which has kind of inspired me to restart a jewelry collection.
These are just some pieces that have caught my eye.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

In terms of color

My favorite look is a smoky eye, for me such a look is not strictly for night wear. I like bold makeup just as much as I love bold jewelry and color; its a matter of expression. However, lately I have been seeing a different take on the famous "smoky eye" and I have to say that I really like it.

Its refreshing to see chocolate, copper and broze shades used to create this look. It creates a more natural look yet it still draws attention to the eyes; looks amazing on green eyes. This paired with mate soft pink lips, rosy cheeks and soft waves creates the perfect romantic look.
I am also impressed by the smoky eye with color (such as the purple look) I have seen it done in navy (breathtaking), and in greens. The artist did an amazing job with showing how awe-inspiring this look is, I love the use of black eyeliner to balance the color and really put the emphasis on the eyes. ts very edgy yet feminine. The model is also sporting the best pink lips, I am adoring the color. I would like to try this look, but translate it to day time. So instead of the deep purple I would use a matte brown and as a highlight a champagne shade, to provide a bit of shimmer.
I also like the look of nude lips, I think they look excellent when paired with a daring eyeliner/shadow such as aqua or turquoise, or any color for that matter.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tanning Bed In a Tube

Another Too Faced product, I really like their products, all of the products that I have tried have impressed me. I really love this instant bronze/gradual tanner. First of all it smells amazing, unlike other self tanners that smell like chemicals. This one has a very tropical scent, I'm not sure how to describe it, like coconuts with lime, some hint of coffee.
I love the packaging very cute, it comes out like a caramel color that is packed with shimmer. You don't need any gloves as this will not stain your hands, but I still recommend washing your hands after each application. The first time you apply it you won't notice a very big difference in color, however your skin will glow. It gives the most natural glow, very subtle and very bronze muse like. If you keep layering it you will see a difference in color and the gorgeous shimmer makes your tan stunning. It does fade after showering, but that's not really a problem for me, the smell of it more than makes up for the longevity of the tan.

Sun Lesson

So a few days ago I decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather by going to a pool, as u can imagine I ended up with getting a very bad sunburn ,....ouch. Anyway, once I got home I knew i needed something to soothe the pain. First thought.....aloe. The only one that I could think of was my Gel Baby Oil which has some aloe. I slathered it on my legs, the burn did not quickly fade away but I have noticed that within a few hours the burning sensation was gone.

This baby oil deserves some credit as it is very useful. I initially got it as a makeup remover, while it does an amazing job of removing all makeup and leaving the skin super soft; it also makes a great moisturizer, is a bit oily (baby oil :D) and it will not quickly sink into the skin, however once it does it leaves the skin very soft. Its also amazing on elbows.

I have tried many remedies for sunburned skin (such as milk, yogurt and sour cream), not my favorite. This has reminded me why I love fake tanning. Be prepared for more fake tanning posts as I am taking this as an opportunity to see what products can deliver a beautiful and natural tan.

Monday, August 3, 2009

My Fall Makeup

While its technically summer, its around the time when I start thinking about fall makeup and trends. Usually fall makeup is inspired by the changing weather and new colors. The bronze colors that were popular in the summer, change to copper for autumn. Lips are now the focus, therefore we see deep reds, soft browns and gorgeous plums. Nail color changes from neon to deeper shades, same tones as the lips. Flawless matte skin is a must for me this fall. While I love dark nailpolish, cholcolate or berry shades are perfect for fall they look so chic, I will continue to love bright nail polish. This year peach and coral shades really caught my attention. I think they will be easy to carry on into fall since the colors are close to "fall tones."

Red lips, usually come back every fall. Don't forget to exfoliate the lips and to moisturise them, lipstick will be easier to apply and will stay on better if the lips are not flaking. Matt or glossy, red lips and bare eyes are a classic.

Even though this is more of a summer look, very beachy/ bronzy, I just love the way her skin glows.

Contrast and Color

When it comes to makeup, i don't think that there should be many rules. However, one of my makeup pet peeves is the colors used when you want to make your eyes stand out. I don't think that using the same shadow color as your natural eye color has any benefits. I actually believe you are doing the exact opposite. An example would be if you were wearing an outfit that was all one color. No one would notice the details on the handbag or how amazing the shoes are if they are all the same color. As the model below is, she has beautiful eyes, try putting a lavender or a soft pink eyeshadow and see how her eye color just pops. To make eyes pop you need to use contrast, the opposite color on the color wheel. For example I think that green eyes look amazing with purple or lavender shades. Blue eyes are amazing with coral shades, even gold or copper tones. Brown eyes look breathtaking with emerald or soft mint eyeshadow.

This is not saying that since you have blue eyes you cannot wear blue eyeshadow, or that if you have brown eyes you cannot wear bronze or copper shades. But if you want to make anything stand out you have to use a contrast.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Current Fashion Love

I am loving color, now more than ever. Its a breath of fresh air from the chic all white and black outfits. Especially jewel tone colors, theres something so beautiful about these rich colors and I am hoping to see more of them in the fall. What I like even more is the combination of color, I for one don't think that there should be a rule when playing with color, I don't think you need your nails to match your handbag or shoes. This outfit, has a matching belt and bag, but its needed to balance the pattern on the dress. I think my rule when playing with print is that you need a solid color to break up the pattern. In this case its the belt. The dress is the focus and therefore the rest of the accessories cannot overpower it.
While I do love color, I think that you can never make a mistake with pastels, white, cream or beige; they are staples.