Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Fall trends are one of the best! They are the closest to my style, just looking at them I feel 10x more inspired. I love the layering, the jewelry, the bags...oh I simply adore it all! Scarfs are still in trend for fall, which is great because I have a bunch of them. I usually use them as a pop of color. I think I have mentioned this before but I am absolutely in love with jackets. I use them all the time, they look so chic when paired with a gorgeous silk scarf. It creates the contrast of rock and romantic which again, I love so much. However, I will add that I try to stay away from scarfs that have patterns; I prefer solid colors.
How amazing is the look above? The over the knee boots give it that extra edge.

This look by Gucci is jaw-dropping, I can stare at it for hours. Its a wonderful play on textures.

Boots of course, the fall staple, are everywhere. I must say, I normally would not go for such a trend. In the past I passed on it because I felt that they were not at the level that I wanted them to be. This year, they have made quite a statement, the more current styles are easily paired with jeans as well as with skirts.

Saved the best for last, I LV. This picture embodies the fall trends that I am absolutely in love with, having them all in one picture makes it even better :D.
I am curious to see what will be popular in the winter. So far I have not noticed anything that has captured my interest. However for spring, I am definitely looking forward to some neon yellow!!!!!

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