Monday, January 16, 2012

The NEW Look

This year, I'm going to give the natural look another try. The most important thing is the apearance and true health of the skin. Tanning may look great but its a VERY BAD habbit for your skin. Which will you have, looking great for a few months or looking amazing years to come; I choose the latter. I'll admit, I love a tan, but I'd rather it be fake than burn my skin. The way I look at it, is you can wash away a bad fake tan, but no matter how much u scrub, those wrinkles are not going to wash off. So, with that said, for the past few months I have stopped the fake tan, yes I do make walls jealous, my white skin is serious competition.

Makeup, how I do love theeI love a daytime smokey eye, actually I love any smokey eye. However, this year I will try to tone it down, I dont promise, though I will try. I've left my foundation behind, I secretely use it once in a while, and have lowered the amount of eyeshadow i use. No, I will not give up the eyeliner or mascara, or the lipstick...those are here to stay...forever :D

Hair.....I've been chemically "altering" the color of my hair for years; to the point where I couldn't remember what my natural color was. I have very, I mean very, dry hair and in an effort to try to tame it i have stopped dying it. There are days, when I miss that hair dye, but I'll admit I do not miss the maintenance, the ruined pillowcases or towels. So as for now, natural still rules.

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