Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Can it be more obvious that we love, need and must have mascara? It's one of those items that you must use before you leave the house, forget the lipgloss or foundation...truly natural is not natural without mascara. I have tried numerous mascaras, as I am sure everyone has. Depending on what results we want we always have that one mascara that we adore. Yet, that does not stop our search from finding the perfect mascara. The one that in one layer lengthens, curls and adds volume. The secret to finding the one for you, is the brush. If the bristles on the brush are fine and precise, that mascara is great for lengthening and gives a more natural effect, even less clumps. Brushes that have a lot of bristles are best for adding volume, since they tend to capture and coat all the lashes. Even better there are now mascaras that have vitamins to keep our natural lashes healthy, as well as mascaras that have two-steps (primes/mascara).

Do not add any type of mixture/water to the mascara. You will only ruin its formula, it will not stop your mascara from flaking or make it easier to use. If your mascara is flaking, it may be time to get a new one, as you know you can only keep it for about two-three months. Another tip, do not wipe the excess mascara (on the wand) on the edge of the tube, you have exposed it to air and you do not want to contaminate the rest of the product. Therefore if there is too much product on your wand, wipe it off on a tissue.

Its one of those products that we will always love.

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  1. i was searching through random blogs and this girl is wearing the MAC lipstick that you tried on

    I just wanted to show you lol