Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Signature Style

While I adore everything that has to do with style, from the hair to the shoes, I will always love my sunglasses. I have always collected them, I can pretty much accessorize any outfit with them :D. I have them everywhere, a summer day does not feel complete without them. During the summer makeup has a tendency to slip off, or if you are swimming and not a fan of waterproof mascara.....sunglasses are pretty much amazing at covering up a summer face. Not to mention the fact that they protect your eyes against the sun's rays, and protect the delicate skin around the eyes from getting burned.
There have been numerous trends when it comes to sunglasses, the big dramatic ones, and now the aviators; which I am currently in love with. I think they can look so chic with a ponytail or a cute up-do...very casual, perfect for summer.
They are without a doubt a signature of mine, they are a must when it comes to accessories for me. When I go into stores that's probably the first place I head to :D.
So the question is..whats your signature? Is it that lipstick that you bought at least six times, that bag that no matter how many seasons ago it came out it will always have a place in your heart, or is is that pair of heels that just seems to fit every outfit.

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