Sunday, July 19, 2009

Smells like......COFFEE!!

I have never been a big fan of scrubs, but they are very handy in the fake-tan process :D. Skin needs to be well exfoliated if you want an even application. So I came across this product. I wasn't expecting it to be amazing, I picked it up last minute, what intrigued me was the name. However, I must say that I love this product. The scent of this product is irresistible and mouth watering. If I was to describe it it would be coffee mixed with a lot of sugar or it kind of reminds me of tiramisu (one of my favorite deserts).The color is a rich chocolate mixed with visible sugar particles...delicious :D. Once it is rubbed into the skin the sugar particles are the only ones visible. If you have sensitive hands I recomend sometype of a glove because these little particles can be harsh on your hands, they do not dissolve quickly. After your skin is left incredibly smooth and coffee scented..which I love.

The scent is also available as a body wash and body butter, If you are not a fan of Brazilian nut or if the scent of coffee is not your taste, they also offer original Shea, coconut lime, Hawaiian kukui, and almond & honey. Its marketed as more of a natural product. I was trying to stay away from scrubs that use synthetic beads to exfoliate, natural ones that have natural exfoliants are better for the environment. It is a big tub, therefore you get a lot of product, be careful not to get any water in the container, it will ruin the consistency of the product.

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