Sunday, July 19, 2009

Skin Care

A few months ago I was talking about Philosophy's facial cleanser, I was almost certain that since it was advertised as gentle, it would not irritate my skin. However, after a few uses I have noticed that I was reacting to the product. It irritated my skin. It had a nice lather, little to no scent and left the skin soft. I did not use this as an eye makeup remover, because for me it didn't remove any of it. I was then advised to try Pond's cold cream. I did a bit of research and found that that cream may be a little to heavy for my skin type (dry-combination). I checked out a nearby drugstore and found out that they have a makeup remover version of it, and that's the one that I picked upIt has a very creamy texture, I have been using this one for months and I barely scratched the surface. There is enough product to last me a few years. I only use this product to remove eyemakeup, as I dont wear foundation that often. I use about a pea size amount of product and gently rub the product over my makeup. After a few seconds the makeup seems to have melted and it is easily wiped off.

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