Monday, August 3, 2009

Contrast and Color

When it comes to makeup, i don't think that there should be many rules. However, one of my makeup pet peeves is the colors used when you want to make your eyes stand out. I don't think that using the same shadow color as your natural eye color has any benefits. I actually believe you are doing the exact opposite. An example would be if you were wearing an outfit that was all one color. No one would notice the details on the handbag or how amazing the shoes are if they are all the same color. As the model below is, she has beautiful eyes, try putting a lavender or a soft pink eyeshadow and see how her eye color just pops. To make eyes pop you need to use contrast, the opposite color on the color wheel. For example I think that green eyes look amazing with purple or lavender shades. Blue eyes are amazing with coral shades, even gold or copper tones. Brown eyes look breathtaking with emerald or soft mint eyeshadow.

This is not saying that since you have blue eyes you cannot wear blue eyeshadow, or that if you have brown eyes you cannot wear bronze or copper shades. But if you want to make anything stand out you have to use a contrast.

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