Monday, August 3, 2009

My Fall Makeup

While its technically summer, its around the time when I start thinking about fall makeup and trends. Usually fall makeup is inspired by the changing weather and new colors. The bronze colors that were popular in the summer, change to copper for autumn. Lips are now the focus, therefore we see deep reds, soft browns and gorgeous plums. Nail color changes from neon to deeper shades, same tones as the lips. Flawless matte skin is a must for me this fall. While I love dark nailpolish, cholcolate or berry shades are perfect for fall they look so chic, I will continue to love bright nail polish. This year peach and coral shades really caught my attention. I think they will be easy to carry on into fall since the colors are close to "fall tones."

Red lips, usually come back every fall. Don't forget to exfoliate the lips and to moisturise them, lipstick will be easier to apply and will stay on better if the lips are not flaking. Matt or glossy, red lips and bare eyes are a classic.

Even though this is more of a summer look, very beachy/ bronzy, I just love the way her skin glows.


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