Tuesday, August 18, 2009

In terms of color

My favorite look is a smoky eye, for me such a look is not strictly for night wear. I like bold makeup just as much as I love bold jewelry and color; its a matter of expression. However, lately I have been seeing a different take on the famous "smoky eye" and I have to say that I really like it.

Its refreshing to see chocolate, copper and broze shades used to create this look. It creates a more natural look yet it still draws attention to the eyes; looks amazing on green eyes. This paired with mate soft pink lips, rosy cheeks and soft waves creates the perfect romantic look.
I am also impressed by the smoky eye with color (such as the purple look) I have seen it done in navy (breathtaking), and in greens. The artist did an amazing job with showing how awe-inspiring this look is, I love the use of black eyeliner to balance the color and really put the emphasis on the eyes. ts very edgy yet feminine. The model is also sporting the best pink lips, I am adoring the color. I would like to try this look, but translate it to day time. So instead of the deep purple I would use a matte brown and as a highlight a champagne shade, to provide a bit of shimmer.
I also like the look of nude lips, I think they look excellent when paired with a daring eyeliner/shadow such as aqua or turquoise, or any color for that matter.

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