Monday, June 1, 2009

Tinted to perfection

I must say, that I am not the biggest fan when it comes to tinted foundations. They have a great concept, moisturize and cover in one simple step, yet many just leave you with an unflattering color. But, I believe I may have come accross a product that is worth its time in the spotlight! Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer (pic from ....yes, i adore the product. Just make sure that you get the right color, I got a shade darker than my skintone, but yay for fake tanning :D, and now it matches my skintone perfectly. I still apply moisturizer before it, but thats more out of habit than need. I have dry skin, but it absorbs nicely into my skin, I have had no problems with it rubbing off, which is another plus. It also gives a nice dewy finish that I simply adore in the spring/summer days. It's one of those products that you want to wear when the weather is nice and you just want a bit of coverage. It would look great with a neutral eye or a red lip for instant day glamour.

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