Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Philosophy Cleanser

I had read numerous reviews about this product. Many loved the fact that it was gentle on their skin, it left it soft and moisturised. Others dissagreed and added that it was too "gentle", it did not remove their makeup properly.

I have used this for about two weeks, I cannot say that I love it, but then again I cannot say it was awful. It's an ok product as far as I am concerned. It has a pleasant scent, however I could not easily describe it. The cons of the product are certaily that it is time consuming ( 1 min for it to start cleaning) and I found that it did not remove all of my eye makeup. I do like the fact that it is gentle and it does not irritate my dry skin. Which is a big plus, because it doesn't strip my face of its natural oils, which would do more damage to the skin.

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