Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Little LUSH

The Lush store smells amazing, however some might find the scent a bit too strong, that is because the scent is present even ten feet away from the door. I have been reading quite a bit about their products and I have heard some great reviews.

The store is amazing, you literally don't know where to look because everything grabs your attention. It smells incredible in there so you have to be very close to the product to be able to sense its scent. There were so many to choose from, there were ones that smelled like honey, or like peppermint or lemon which in the shower will quickly awake I picked up Sultana and a bath bomb that I absolutely adore, it smells so fresh I can't put it down. Sultana is more of a soap that has little pieces of fruit that I am guessing will eventually fall of the soap, I wonder if they are meant to be the exfoliating part of the soap. The bath bomb is meant to be enjoyed during .....a bath, it is supposed to turn your water pink (downside it may leave some residue on your bathtub) but the scent is supposed to make up for that :D.

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